Tubbs Lake Resort Pet Rules

All rules apply to all campers

  • Seasonal pet fee: $25. We welcome quiet, non-aggressive pets; no pit bulls, no rottweilers, no dobermans, no guard dogs, no aggressive or hostile breeds. Also allowed: cats and birds.

    This rule is in place for the safety of our campers.

  • Daily pet charge for visitors: $1. Management permission necessary to have visitor pet on site with seasonal pet.
  • Young childeren should not walk dogs.
  • ONE PET/SITE. 100# limit on dogs.
  • No pets allowed in any park building. Super important rule: NO pets in the STORE!
  • Dogs must be kept on a leash. Remember that pet owner holds ALL liability & must sign waiver. Also, when tied on your lot, dogs must be on a secure, durable chain or rope which must not allow dog to reach neighboring lot.
  • Your lot is not an endless expanse of space. Each lot is 50′ long from front to back; everything else is considered common ground – open for everyone’s use, including pet activities
  • If you leave the park for any reason, your dog must go with you or you must have a responsible person pet-sitting. Leaving your dog in your camper while you are out fishing is NOT ALLOWED!
  • All pets must have proper papers showing up to date immunizations including rabies shots. Dogs must have a license! (update annually on waiver.)
  • Dog poop must be cleaned up immediately. Example: If your dog does his business near the dock – clean it up – your dock partner certainly does not want to step in it!!
  • Dogs must not be walked near the store (from lot #1 to boat launch). Young children are not allowed to walk dogs.
  • Owner will receive first & only warning for any pet being a nuisance. Excessive barking is NOT allowed!

  • If you violate these rules, you will be warned once (unless there has been a biting or other violent, destructive act in which case, you’ll have to leave immediately.) There will be no refunds.
  • Tubbs Lake Resort is not responsible in any way for any act of violence or destruction as a result of your animal. Pet owner bears sole responsibility for any and all pet actions.

Have consideration for your neighbors. They are here to relax too.

We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you again!