Rules for Tubbs Lake Resort Campers

All rules apply to all campers

      • Only persons who rent a lot can occupy a trailer. Others must register & pay regular fee

This rule is in place for the safety of our campers and the security of their belongings. We need to be fully aware of who is in our park.

As always, there is no fee when the grandchildren (under 18 come to visit)

    • Campers provide their own insurance & liability for all structures, boats & trailers & personal property. Management assumes no responsibility for loss from fire, theft or accident.
    • Trailers/Campers must have current license plates & may be washed once/year.
    • Two vehicles/Lot-Maximum. Please part boat trailers along fence.
    • 1 Boat in water per site!! This boat must be registered to the person who rents the campsite.
    • Docks: Supplied & owned by individual campers. They must be shared. Shoreline is for everyone. Each camper is responsible for putting in & taking out their dock. Docks need to be removed from grass by May 1st and removed from water no earlier than Oct. 1st. If you need help putting your dock in and out we have the 2 Guy Dock install service available for a minimal charge. ┬áBack lots have rights to walk thru open 4′ section between lakefront campers.
    • No Boat=No Dock. The only exception to this rule is when the dock is for store use or is to be utilized by weekenders.
    • Boat Trailers┬áto be parked in designated trailer parking lot.
    • No washing cars or boats.
    • Trailers must have current license plates & may be washed once/year.
    • Decks no wider than 8′ to allow room to walk between trailers.
    • 1 portable shed: no larger than 32 Sq. ft.; placed behind trailer or deck. (state law)
    • Maintain a 4′ minimum distance from other trailers with all structures. This is extremely important.
    • Only small towel lines allowed. Laundry facilities available.
    • Seasonal Campers Please mow/trim your own site. Our large mower cannot fit between trailers.
    • Alcoholic beverages must be consumed at camsites only!! (State Law-500 ft. from store.) ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN CONTAINERS ALLOWED IN OR NEAR STORE!!
    • No guns or fireworks allowed.
    • Fire containers provided for each site. Do not move or use as a trash can. Do not put anything non combustible in fire pits!
    • On site dumpsters available for bagged trash. Only compactable garbage. The dumpster company has very specific rules.
    • Absolutely no large items allowed in the dumpster-no old carpet, no deck materials, no shrink wrap. Burnables should be put into large burn barrel at back drive whenever possible.
    • Seasonal Campers: Please mow/trim your own site. Our large mower can not easily fit between trailers.
    • Picnic table provided for each site.
    • Fish can be cleaned at fish cleaning building. PLEASE DO NOT PUT REMAINS IN DUMPSTER!
    • Management assumes no responsiblilty for loss from fire, theft or accident. Campers provide their own insurance for all structures, boats and trailers.
    • Minors must be at site by 10:00 pm.
    • Loud & boisterous conduct will not be tolerated at any time. Quiet time: 10:00 p.m.
    • Rule Violations will not be tolerated. You will be evicted from the park
    • No off road vehicles. Bicycles allowed. Golf carts allowed when MEDICALLY necessary. Serious accidents have occured with golf carts. THEY ARE NOT TOYS! Children are not allowed to drive carts around park. BE SAFE! This is not a race track!
    • Speed limit: 5 MPH MAX!! Children at play! Be aware & be safe!!
    • Our clean bath house has 2 restrooms and 2 showers. These facilities are for our campers use and because of the state park next door, these doors are locked. Please get a key at registration. A refundable $5 deposit is required.

Tubbs Lake Resort – Rules & Rates Brochure (PDF File)


Have consideration for your neighbors. They are here to relax too.

We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you again!